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About Us

Meta Lighthouse is a love-based grassroots organization founded by psychics and scientists working
together to create social change through empathy. Our mission is to build love-based communities by
bridging science and spirituality (aka physics and metaphysics) and offering innovative programs for
gifted children and adults.

Some might ask why scientists would want to work with psychics.

We came together because we realized that it is the collaboration between physics and metaphysics
that produces social change. Metaphysics has many viable solutions to the world’s problems that might
never see the light of day because there is no bridge. And creating social change is nothing more than
each one reach one, and let it spread from there. Each one help another find a solution, so that as a
collective we can evolve into a kinder, healthier, and more peaceful human race.

Visualize humanity as a spectrum with science at the furthest edge on one side and metaphysics at the
other. They are like the sun and moon in an otherwise dark sky. You need them both to keep the Earth
nourished and moving with the tide of universal energy. In 2021, humanity has reached a tipping point
where it must find its way out of a deadlock, and this means embracing one another with empathy and
moving with the divine flow of evolution. Physics and metaphysics combined symbolizes unity
consciousness. Even with all the knowledge of physics, you can’t make progress without the missing
pieces of what lies beyond the periodic table. The same is true for metaphysics. You might have the cure
for cancer and other diseases, but if you can’t break into the mainstream, very few people benefit. This
is how people fall through the cracks. If there is no cure available for every person, we have failed as a
species. We’ve heard many stories of people falling through the cracks within our own M-Path Support
Program. Super sensitive Empaths are misdiagnosed with a mental illness every day because most
health care practitioners lack the awareness of metaphysics. A psychic ability that might have helped
others is deemed a disability, medicated, and tossed aside until there is curriculum readily available.


Meta Lighthouse was founded on the 3 pillars of biology, physics, and metaphysics. Saranda Green and
Jason West channeled and co-created the M-Path Support Program and the manual for Super Sensitive
Empaths, Know Thyself: 8 Steps to Illumination. Sara and Jason are in the process of channeling more
mind, body, spirit curriculum for children and adults, as well as guiding the technology advancements
within the science department.

Our team of scientists ask to remain anonymous because their research and technology needs to be
protected until collective consciousness begins to embrace empathy. They know that any advanced
technology created to help people heal and evolve can also be detrimental in the wrong hands. Our
scientists have an ongoing working relationship with Jason and Sara to create empathy educational
materials and are eager to see the M-Path Support Program introduced into the mainstream so that no
more kids fall through the cracks and all people can thrive and reach their full potential.

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