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An Empath is someone who has the empathy and wisdom to know when another person needs help. If you feel sad, an Empath nearby will know you are sad, because they can feel it too. If there is negative energy in a room, an Empath will do whatever it takes to bring in light. Empaths use their intuition and compassion to guide them and very often follow their hearts to the point of heartache. Empaths might be called “overly emotional” because they cry when they see any living thing suffer. Empaths cannot tolerate injustice because they know every person is worthy. It is not easy being an Empath in 2021. Empaths are waking up to the realization that they incarnated to help humanity evolve out of this mess, but how? 

While Empaths might be ridiculed for being “too sensitive”, they know they have an innate, almost uncanny understanding of other people. But what most Empaths don’t realize is that their understanding, their empathy, is not just about feelings. Empathy is the pathway to psychic development. Empathy starts out as vague information in the form of sensory perceptions from vibration and frequencies. As an Empath learns about empathy, the information becomes more specific and extrasensory through training and practice. What confuses and confounds you as an Empath today becomes more manageable as you follow the 8 Steps to Illumination. And what the world needs now are more illuminated Empaths spreading their light, love, and solutions. If you have identified yourself as an Empath, it is no coincidence that you are reading these words.


Welcome to Meta Lighthouse! We are glad that you found us.

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