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Weather Report Suite: Feb 24-26, 2021

As the moon waxes through Leo and Mercury finally goes direct, your focus and determination to succeed are heightened. This is a great time to rise above challenges and proclaim victory over your circumstances. This vibration is strong and positive, as the Lion gives your natural confidence and sunny disposition a much needed boost.

The Tarot card drawn is the Ace of Swords; this card suggests that you’ve used your will and determination to push through struggles and now you can claim victory. For those who have been looking for direction and doing your best to ride the wave of challenges, this combo of the Leo moon and the Ace of Swords equates to a total victory over circumstances. The victim now becomes the victor.

The COLORS for today are earth based; think of a meadow on a sunny spring day with early morning dew.

The STONES for today are carnelian, tiger’s eye, or jade combined with citrine, labradorite, amethyst, and/or clear quartz.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August; Visit us at to book a reading. Art from the Lightseers Tarot deck.

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