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Where Science and Spirituality Meet

About Us

Who Are We?

We are a love-based organization founded in 2012 by psychics, scientists, and artists with a mission to create social change through EMPATHY.

As our scientists work on critical technologies for health care and sustainable energy, we are helping Empaths unite as a community and teaching them to become beacons of light for others. With humanity so vulnerable to chaos, confusion, and sickness, empathy is the key to moving forward as a human race.

Image by Kalineri


"The MetaLighthouse has not only changed how I view myself, but how I view the world.  From the MPath support group to the shop to the amazing events, I can never wait to see what is happening next, or to just stop into the store to find a smiling face and a gorgeous crystal...or two!"

— Vanessa Fors

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